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Old 12-20-2022, 11:46 PM
renwar renwar is offline
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2002 Xterra
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Default 2002 Xterra SE SC Idles Low Shakes

Starting 4 days ago my xterra would Idle really low but only when warmed up and when in drive at a stop light. Thinking it would stall (but never did) it got to the point I shifted into neutral & gave it gas with left foot on brake till light changed and continued to move about. While all this was going on No Check Engine and/or Service Engine. Just to be sure I have an Innova OBD2 scanner and nothing. I checked many Nissan forums that had very similar issues and as far as the no codes goes I've read that most common problem was vacuum issues. Well about a week prior to this I was zip tying some wires to some AM fog lights and notices a small crankcase breather hose was ruptured. Its a small 3in elbow shaped hose that connects to other parts of the air intake hoses. I went and got the same diameter and thickness at Autozone which they sell by the foot. I chopped it down to size and put it on with no issues. When the Idle issue started and read about the bad vac could cause this w/no codes that lil hose was kinked. I needed a OEM hose and that one was molded to fit.

Had to drive clear across H-town to Central Nissan was the only one in town (part # 11826-opooo) $40.

Took the kinked hose off and put the OEM hose on. While there I checked air filter by taking the filter box off the air intake boot. checked the boot and all vac hoses attached for cracks and made sure all connection/end clamps were tight. Unscrewed the MAF sensor from it's seat and sprayed MAF cleaner thoroughly let it dry for good 45 mins then reattached and plugged in. Air filter looked good laid it in the box and secured all 4 clamps.
Now it's doing the same thing with the exception now it does it in park (did not drive it) shaking a little worse and now there's a rattling sound coming from front center engine (maybe distributor) but when I rev it from the linkage under the hood the noise goes away and so does the sputtering. And to end this long "book" of a plea for guidance NOW THE SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT is on. Hooked up the Innova and I get the generic P0300 multiple random misfire code.

Well it felt good to vent @ 2:30am
that's a good thing right?
Attached is specs for that little hose 11826.
2002 Xterra SE SC Idles Low Shakes-df903dce91d9a1d82fd21a591ea67ed0-jpg

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