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PLEASE READ Can a bad dealer review get me in trouble? Forums > > PLEASE READ Can a bad dealer review get me in trouble? PLEASE READ Can a bad dealer review get me in trouble?
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Old 06-26-2011, 12:54 PM
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Default PLEASE READ Can a bad dealer review get me in trouble?

Hello Everyone, Newbie here.

My purchase story is truely incredible, and I need your input. My wife and I just purchased a 2011 Versa SL. We love the car but feel we were scammed by the dealer for thousands of dollars. I was just about to complete the dealer review on this website but I'm worried about possible reprocussions from my review. Once I post the review it will be tied to a particular dealer. I thought I would post it here first without mentioning the dealer and get feedback from you.

I am an honest God fearing man of high integrity. I despise dishonest men. A man is only as good as his words and actions. Please have no doubt that every word here is true and I have the documentation to back up everything.

Here is the review I wrote but did not finish sending. Please read it and the questions I have after it.

MUST READ!!!! Dishonest beyond belief... Greed Greed Greed!!!!!!
YOU HAVE TO READ THIS and beware!! My wife and I successfully negotiated for two hours to PURCHASE a new Versa SL for $17,500 all fees and taxes included. Salesman said he was a man of God and seemed to be a man of integrity. We should never have trusted a salesman. I even got a written quote for $16997 emailed to me while we were still negotiating. We were rushed through the paperwork, which was not explained to us because they were behind with other customers.
We realized within 12 hours that they wrote us into a lease at full price plus all fees and taxes. This would cost us over 7000 more!!!! After calling the next morning, they told us we had to come in to talk to the owner. He would not allow us to see our saleman - AT ALL, we asked repeatedley. The owner said he would NOT honor our original agreement even though we had the quote from them. We pleaded for hours with him to do the right thing or to let us return the car. He would not, he said he didn't need to. I called on his decency, integrity, and honor but it didn't matter. We ended up rewriting the purchase for 20,000 because we had no other choice. Nissan USA said that it was a dealer issue and could not do anything. I'm currently going through the BBB.

Every word is true and factual. So here is my concern. If I post this review on the dealership in question, could they sue us for slander or deformation of character? I would also like to place an ad in the paper local to the dealership stating the facts so that people can be warned but again I worry about reprocussions.

My wife and I are both still in disbelief that these kind of dishonest greedy people actually exist. If nobody says or does anything about them, they will only get worse.

What would you do? Are there any lawyers out there that know what my rights are?

Thanks to all who contribute with you thoughts.
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Old 07-02-2011, 03:45 AM
sowega sowega is offline
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2005 Frontier King Cab
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If you can cancel the sale, do it. Most states have a 3 day cancellation period for written contracts.
With auto sales down everywhere, you should have quotes from several dealers. And, don't ever pay retail. Remember you are in charge!
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Old 07-06-2011, 12:39 PM
Trilobe Trilobe is offline
2011 Versa
2015 Versa Note
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Default Dealers

First, I am disappointed at the ethics of the dealer you bought your car from. Always read the paperwork in detail before signing and never be rushed by the dealer.
My experience was just the opposite. The dealer got me a low price due to the 2010 year end sale and went the extra mile to find the exact car I wanted.
Shop wisely!
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Old 07-06-2011, 05:01 PM
bennyb53's Avatar
bennyb53 bennyb53 is offline
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2002 Altima
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Go ahead and post your dealer review. You may or may not use your real name.

You should have consulted an attorney instead of rewriting the deal as outright purchase instead of a lease. Buying a car is probably the second largest purchase you'll ever make. The first is your house. It's only fitting that you take your time understanding the terms before you take delivery of the vehicle.

The problem with trusting people like you is you trusted the salesman because he told you he's a man of god. You have to realize this god thing is all BS. But I do respect your right to whatever thing you believed in.

And by the way, a survey showed that Politicians is only one step above car salesmen when it comes to integrity.

Last edited by bennyb53; 07-06-2011 at 05:03 PM.
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