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01 sentra starts but wont run over 2400 rpm Forums > > 01 sentra starts but wont run over 2400 rpm 01 sentra starts but wont run over 2400 rpm
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Old 08-28-2007, 12:31 PM
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Question 01 sentra starts but wont run over 2400 rpm

My daughter has an 01 Nissan sentra with a 1.8 liter engine it quit her a couple of times within a few days but after it sat a minute it would start we put heat in the gas thought it might be water seemed to work good for a few days and started again so we red the codes had a p0443 a p0140 a p0100 checked fuel pressure it was just short of 40 running and about 45 at key on, running it diddent vary a pound in any condition except if it died and it went up to about 45. Checked injectors all working fine no vacuum leaks all good grounds put new mass airflow sensor on checked for restricted exhaust oh yea before all the checking and parts sometimes it would start and die. Long story short it starts now idles slightly hunting and when you accelerate goes good to about 2400 rpm you continue to accelerate rpm bounces but wont go over 2400rpm or so even if you floor it Kinda like a fuel cutoff. :confused:

Please help thanks Mark
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Old 08-29-2007, 04:42 PM
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With the engine limited to 2400 rpm, that sounds like the ECM is in the "fail-safe" mode. Suggest you review the Trouble Diagnosis information for the Fail-Safe Chart in the Service Manual (free on this site). Note that it could be the MAF, coolant temperature, throttle position sensor, EGR circuit and PCM. I see that you changed the MAF, did you install a new unit or could you have installed one that may have been defective? Could the connector be dirty or defective? I presume that you are aware that MAFs are known to get contaminated after 50 - 100K miles? Cleaning them with a electronic contact cleaner worked well for me. Good luck, let us know what happens.
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Old 09-05-2007, 12:04 PM
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I had the same problem w my 2004 last winter about 2 weeks after I bought it. I could press the petal to the floor and it wouldnt rev over 2000. I shut it off and it worked fine when I restarted it but my check engine light came on. I took it to the dealer and they said thet it was my throttle control sensor. They took it off and cleaned all the contacts and i havent had troble with it since. You also might want to check for recalls I know some early 2000s sentras had troble with the fuel pumps

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Old 07-28-2008, 11:29 AM
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Mark, Can you tell me what you finally ended up doing to fix your problem? I am having the same problem with my sons car.
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2400, rpm, run, sentra, starts

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