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Sentra SE (2L), 2001, P0171 (Syst. too lean-bank 1) Forums > > Sentra SE (2L), 2001, P0171 (Syst. too lean-bank 1) Sentra SE (2L), 2001, P0171 (Syst. too lean-bank 1)
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Old 08-15-2007, 07:14 PM
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Question Sentra SE (2L), 2001, P0171 (Syst. too lean-bank 1)

After reading everything related to this error code (and even more) on this forum, I finally decided to ask for help.
Error code is P0171 and I am felling a loss in power, "Check Engine Soon" light is on and off (lately more on) for a few hours, days or weeks.
The last 2 tanks were filled with premium gas (usually I am using regular). Next day the light was off and after approx 10 km became on again.
A week ago, when I was accelerating (quickly; hard; RPM maybe 4-5000) from 0 to 40-50 km/h the engine stopped. I pulled over, restart the engine and everything was fine but the light is still on and the power is not at 100% like in the old good days.

Obviously, I am trying to avoid loosing a lot of money, changing all kind of parts for nothing. I had the impression that here are a lot of experienced people that could be a great help to a newbie like me.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I just saw a recall for the engine sensors (R3022/03V-345) - crankshaft and camshaft position sensors to be replaced. Could this solve my problem? I will call tomorrow the dealer for an appointment and I will keep you posted.
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Old 08-16-2007, 01:21 AM
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There are quite a few threads on this problem. There's also a TSB located in the Bulletins section of the forum.
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Old 08-16-2007, 05:39 AM
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Default Sentra SE (2L), 2001, P0171 (Syst. too lean-bank 1)

Hello Gomer.

Like I already mentioned, I read everything on this forum about my problem. There are other models with the same code or the same model with other codes of error. Beside this, a lot of people are saying to clean MAF but nobody is telling exactly how to do it (and with what of course) in the right way not to damage a very expensive component. Somebody else is saying to test the MAF but some more details will be good.

What about the recall I mentioned? Does will help for my problem? Nobody mentioned anything about this recall for my model.

I am new here and I am just trying to find some answers from specialists. With all my respect, unfortunately, your lack of interest will not help me much.

Maybe somebody else with a little bit more time could say something useful. I have this problem for a few months already and I came here with hopes. Please do not bury them.
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Old 08-16-2007, 06:21 PM
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I've cleaned my MAF sensor by: Turn engine off. Carefully disconnect electrical connector from MAF sensor. Remove two Torx screws - I believe they were #20 (the type with the hollow center), remove MAF sensor from intake air manifold. I gave the inside of the sensor a good spraying in each direction with electrical contact cleaner - non-residue type and let it dry approximately 10 minutes before reinstalling. I started the engine for a few moments and then shut it off and disconnected the MAF again. I started the engine for a about 10 seconds and then shut it off. I reconnected the MAF and cleared the MAF error code that I just caused. I let the engine idle for about 15 minutes so the ECU will relearn the MAF condition. (I'm not 100% sure that throwing the MAF code and idling for 15 minutes is necessary, but that is what I believe the manual called for.) MAF seemed fine after that. If you search the web on "MAF contamination" I believe you will find the above cleaning procedure. Some people say it's ok to clean with brake cleaner but others say that it will leave a residue. For that reason, I use electrical contact cleaner - non residue type. The cycling of the error code is in the manual, EC section. You can download it for free on this site for your model year. Good luck.
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Old 08-17-2007, 12:56 AM
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Thank you FieldRun.

Cotzo, if you'd read everything in this section about this problem you would have found links to the relevant TSB, seen that your model is affected as well and how some others (again, thank you, FR) have cleaned their MAF sensors.
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Old 08-17-2007, 07:03 AM
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First of all, thank you very much FieldRun. Very clear instructions.

Following your advice to search on the web for “MAF contamination”, I found a very interesting article about the MAF and in the last paragraph you could find a mention about Nissan MAF. Very interesting. Maybe now Gomer will finally agree that this discussion could bring new and useful information for everybody. BTW, I didn’t saw on this website anything about this term ("burn-off" system) or maybe is well burried somewhere. For the entire article, take a look at this address: http://autotechrepair.suite101.com/article.cfm/mass_air_flow_sensors

Second is for Gomer. If you are speaking about the recall I mentioned previously, this is another story. Considering the information found here (NTB03-124 Safety Recall Campaign) 100% accurate, I start fighting with Nissan Canada when they said that my car is not affected by the recall. My VIN number it’s in the range shown in the second row of Sentra (between 004135 and 525647). Not being satisfied with Nissan Canada answer I first checked the website (http://www.tc.gc.ca/roadsafety/recalls/recall_e.asp?recno=11172&)
and after that, I called Transportation Canada for more answers. After discussing with a “Defective Investigator”, I discovered that somewhere in the middle of that range (004135 and 525647) it’s a gap. These mean, in middle there are S/N’s not covered by the recall because are not using the same lot of bad sensors. So, two different and not related sources are saying the same thing (Nissan Canada and Transport Canada). My car is not affected by this recall.

Conclusion for everybody: Please double or triple check all the information because you could find errors everywhere. Nobody’s perfect. Maybe the people in charge with this website could take a second look when they are publishing information here, to avoid (if possible) future mistakes.

So, MAF cleaning and recall fixes are out from my check list. What else I should do now?

Last edited by NissanTech; 10-04-2012 at 11:31 PM. Reason: Update link
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Old 08-17-2007, 12:16 PM
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I can think of a couple of things off the top of my head. But the car is far too new to be any of them. Are you still under warranty? If so, I'd be prepared to live without that car for a few days and have the dealership you bought it from address the issue. If not, you might have to spend the money on the repairs in a trusted shop. Better yet, at the dealership. I don't know about Canada's Lemon Laws, but here in the States if you experience the same issue after having it repaired three times there is some recourse.

As for the VINs affected by the recall, the information is provided by the site owner. Where he gets the information, I'm not sure but the omission of the unaffected VINs may have been at his source or even before that. Not all of us has the time to chase down each detail of each TSB. I'm pretty sure the site owner doesn't either. We all work and live in the RW and spend most of our time there. Myself, I work twelve hour shifts five days a week and spend most of my time spinning my own wrenches. If you'd like to address this inaccuracy with him, you can PM him.
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Old 08-17-2007, 04:25 PM
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I presume you read para 5 from the autotechrepair posting which said:
A code indicating a low or high MAF signal can be caused by:
a. A bad MAF
b. A MAF sensor circuit problem such as:
i. Main power feed wire
ii. Ground wire
iii. Output signal wire
iv. MAF or computer connector
v. A bad computer

I presume you've spent some time in the service manual EC section trouble diagnosis, that Nissan offers for free?

In the manual for the 2000 Sentra, page EC-306, for DTC P0171, P0174 Fuel Injection System Function, it shows as possible causes:
- Intake air leak
- Heated oxygen sensor 1 (front) (bank 1) (bank 2)
- Injectors
- Exhaust fuel pressure
- Lack of fuel
- Mass air flow.

If you check many other sites on the web, you can find the same or similar information. Of course, rule out the easy causes first. If that does not fix it, I would clean the MAF. That's what I did and it did the trick.

In the book Automotive Electronics and Computer Systems, by Robert N. Brady, published 2001, he has some must-read info on MAF Sensor Contamination on page 156 and 157. Consider reading it. Your library may carry the book or consider buying a copy for yourself. It's a keeper.

In the Haynes Techbook on Automotive Computer Codes & Electronic Engine Management Systems, published 2000, on page 8-28 they state that if all other possibilities have been eliminated, replace the sensor (MAP). I tried cleaning first and as stated above, it worked.

By the way, you haven't installed a new air filter within the past few months before the problem surfaced? Or been driving in some dusty locations, or maybe thru lots of flying insects? Have you done any spray cleaning near the air intake manifold? Those may be suggestive of a contaminated MAF.

Let us know what you decide to do and what happens. Good luck.

Last edited by FieldRun; 08-17-2007 at 05:03 PM.
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Old 10-22-2010, 09:54 AM
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I noticed this same problem back in June of this year. My car was sputtering when idling after startup, on occasion at traffic lights (when the RPMs are lower than in "park" or "neutral" but your foot is on the brake so you aren't moving) After some googling, I decided to try the MAF cleaning, and it worked! Sputtering was gone, no stalling!

After about 2 months of that - late August - I noticed that I was getting a CEL pop up whenever i was on large stretches of highway when I could open it up beyond 75 mph.

I recently asked local auto parts chains to give me a quote for a new MAF sensor, and all were in excess of $300 (US, Northeastern portion of the country). I called the dealer and they told me the job was around $650 including labor.

So, I hit up eBay the other day and just got the part in the mail yesterday for about 10% of the price the dealer quoted me for. It came with the housing that connects to the top bracket of the air cleaner element, so you'll need a metric wrench (I think it was either 8 or 9 mm) to disconnect the bolts.

Plugged everything in, and it works like a champ. The CEL is still illuminated, but this doesn't surprise me because it takes around 6 cycles of non-high-speed, non-highway driving for the light to get extinguished.

I'll try to remember to check in here in a week or two from now and let you know how it's working. I saved my old MAF just in case it didn't work, but I'm pretty confident that the new MAF will fix this problem, because after the initial cleaning of the original MAF the sputtering issues went away.

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Old 10-04-2012, 12:07 PM
LEE3 LEE3 is offline
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2001 Sentra
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Default Great help!

I have been having the same trouble with my 01 Sentra. It's been hesitating for about 5 years. Just recently it wouldn't run properly and lost almost all power around 2500rpm. It threw the po171 code and after reading about all the others with the same problem, I decided to replace the MAF sensor. Bought a new one on Amazon for $40...$44.99 delivered. I replaced it today in about 15 minutes and the car runs terrific again!!!!
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Old 07-16-2017, 06:47 AM
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MAF0097 is the part number for the Hitachi MAF for my 2000 Sentra GXE.

I was once told to use only Hitachi MAF for the Sentra.

IS that a good brand? Are there others of the same quality?

I like to buy the best quality parts I can find.

The best quality part is not always the most expensive and rarely the cheapest part available.

I just do not like to have problems and I do not care how many times I can change a cheap part for the price of one good part. I want parts that will last the maximum amount of time
2000 Sentra GXE 1.8L

2005 Sentra S 1.8L
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