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Forums > > 2010 Sentra – P0300, P0303, P0011 rough idle
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Old 11-24-2019, 01:48 PM
krajef krajef is offline
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2010 Sentra
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Default 2010 Sentra – P0300, P0303, P0011 rough idle

Starting a new post hoping to catch someone’s eye that may be able to suggest what to try next on my daughter’s 2010 Sentra 2.0

What happened?
Three or four months ago she was driving normally, going up a hill and the car lost power. She came down the other side of the hill and stopped at a red light. The car stalled. She was able to start the car and she says the car was smoking. She said the smoke smelled sweet.
We drove the car 3 miles to my house and pulled the codes. P0011 and P0300 (days later a P0302 appears after much troubleshooting. At this point I’m not getting any codes but the car still runs really rough and the codes might return if I let it run longer or drove it.

Things I've done:
Replaced coil pack in Cylinder 2 and moved it around when the P0302 appeared. The P0302 remained at cylinder 2 with the new and swapped with other coil packs.
Replaced PVC valve
Replaced Camshaft Position Sensor
Replaced Crank Shaft Position Sensor
Replaced VVT solenoid
Replaced all spark plugs
Replaced fuel rail and all injectors
Checked the wiring to the coil packs
Checked for vacuum leaks.
Replaced valve cover gasket
Thoroughly cleaned throttle body
Autozone tool rental block tester but tested the coolant overflow and did not test from the radiator (fluid stayed blue)

I really doubt that:
Changing the oil (at level) will remediate a really bad idle and no power issue
Timing chain jumped
Replacing the catalytic converter would remediate

What I would like to do would be a compression test but where the hell would you get a tester that would fit down that very deep spark plug hole and how the heck would you be able to tighten?

Just looking for someone that may have encountered this problem and fixed it and to share the fix.

After I did all of the above work, it seems that the car runs a little better but still is not drivable due to the lack of power and rough idle. The car does not smoke. Her battery for some reason is corroded to hell. It seems like the positive terminal corrodes just by sitting. I’m hesitant to buy a battery link because I’m tired of throwing money at this car. I ran it last after I replaced the crank sensor. While sitting in the car, I was waiting for the SE light to come on but it did not. The SE light might come on if I try to drive it but I’m just done with this car unless someone can offer something else at no or low cost to try.

Anyone, anywhere have a similar issue to share with the end result?


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Old 12-14-2019, 10:06 AM
krajef krajef is offline
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2010 Sentra
Join Date: Sep 2019
Posts: 11
Default problem found

Closure notes:

Performed compression test (dry) on all cylinders:


Wet, didn't bother

Leak down test TDC Cylinder 2:
Air escaping out the oil stick=bad rings=complete engine rebuild or new engine or different car.

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p0011, p0300, p0303, rough, sentra

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