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'02 Sentra GXE - Cruise Control slowly died... Forums > > '02 Sentra GXE - Cruise Control slowly died... '02 Sentra GXE - Cruise Control slowly died...
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Old 03-25-2018, 12:26 PM
Island Jim Island Jim is offline
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2002 Sentra
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Default '02 Sentra GXE - Cruise Control slowly died...


Starting a little over a year or so ago, my cruise control began acting up. Every once in a while it just wouldn't "set" . I didn't think much of it, because it worked 99% of the time. That percentage, however, steadily went down over the next several months, until finally one day I just couldn't get it to set anymore, no matter how many times I hit the Cruise On/Off button, hit "Set", etc. I recently saw some other posts on here re: Cruise Control issues, and one of the common symptoms is that some rubber (or plastic?) grommet-like parts, which are related to certain CrCont sensors and which are located on or near the brake lever, will disintegrate and essentially disable the function of that particular sensor, resulting in various CrCont symptoms (usually a non-working state). So, I checked under my dash yesterday, and sure enough: of the two sensors mounted to a bracket right next to my brake lever, one of them is missing the grommet piece that enables the little piston/rod thingy to toggle something on/off inside that sensor (or switch, or whatever it is -- see attached pic). Having also read in these other posts that there might be a temporary workaround with tape & pennies , I tried to fabricate a similar solution, but when I road-tested it, the Cruise still doesn't set. I've attached a pic of my car's particular configuration, in case anyone might be familiar with it. My main questions are: 1) should I assume that the gradual disintegration of my grommet is the most likely cause of the eventual "death" of my cruise control?, 2) if so, what are these sensors/switches called, and what are the part numbers for them?, and 3) how do I remove it/them? As you can see in my pic, I had already disconnected the wiring pigtail from the top side of the sensor/switch thingy, because I was trying to remove it to get a better look at it, obtain a P/N, etc (btw, I did reconnect the wiring before I road tested it, in case anyone is wondering). I saw some plastic threads running down the center post of the part, so I tried "unscrewing" it; but that didn't work (although I was afraid to break it, so I didn't really crank on it too awfully hard). And I tried to depress what looks like little "flange tabs" around the edges of the part, to see if I could dislodge it that way & pull it through the opening in the bracket where it's mounted; but those tabs just wouldn't budge, no matter how hard I pushed on them with a flat head screwdriver. Any ideas or comments on the questions I posted above, what I'm doing wrong, or how to better troubleshoot the problem would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
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