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04 Sentra SE-R Service/Check Engine Light - Again and Again and Again Help! Forums > > 04 Sentra SE-R Service/Check Engine Light - Again and Again and Again Help! 04 Sentra SE-R Service/Check Engine Light - Again and Again and Again Help!
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Old 06-16-2016, 04:27 AM
gchaney gchaney is offline
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Default 04 Sentra SE-R Service/Check Engine Light - Again and Again and Again Help!

OK, I am totally at a loss. I've had this Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V for about a year now. I have two other Nissans that are daily drivers - never had problems like this. This car is a spare car - so I have not put even a 500 miles on the car. Have 6 other cars and need a back up for when a primary needs repaired - like today.

Anyway, my wife's car is getting some minor work done and she is driving this car today. Service light just came on....AGAIN......here is the history on the car over the last 12 months...

Check engine light on - Replace Oxy sensors & Cat (Code was the bad catalytic converter)
Check engine light on - Replace throttle valve assy (I think that is what the thing is called)
Check engine light on - Replace Valve cover (oil in chamber) and went ahead and replaced all the coil packs.
Check engine light on - 4 weeks ago - Air Fuel Ratio and Vacuum Switching Valve.

This last time it was in the shop, I asked them to check the wire harness for shorts. I am assuming they did but I was not looking over there shoulder.

So right about now I've dropped 2k into this car in the last year - like 2 bucks a mile - and I have no idea what is causing the continued codes. Every time the car starts to get driven a new code is popping.

Anyone have any experience with this with a Nissan and any idea what the real ROOT cause for continual different codes might be?

I'll tell you, I hate the idea of taking it to the local Nissan dealer - I've only been there once, but the one time they did recall work on my Armada whatever they did caused all 4 cats to burn up and about got their butts sued.

Thanks for your input!
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Old 06-18-2016, 12:18 AM
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It would help a lot if we knew what the codes were. I assume the catalytic converter codes was a P0420. All I can do is point out some of the common problems with these vehicles. For starters, oil burning engines were a big problem, initially. The ECM software supposedly ran the engine in such a way that it caused the catalyst substrate to break up in the upstream catalytic converter, which is integral to the exhaust manifold. These engines did not have conventional EGR valves, rather, they used the variable valve timing to crack open the exhaust valve and pull exhaust gas into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke to achieve EGR. The broken substrate from the converter would get sucked into the combustion chambers, scoring the cylinder walls and causing an oil burning engine, which would further contaminate the upstream converter. There was a big recall that, at a minimum, would update the ECM software. But, repairs could include adding converter heat shields or replacing the engine long block, depending on the state of the vehicle.
Another common occurrence is failing camshaft position sensors and/or crankshaft position sensors, which were also recalled. These could cause engine misfiring and even stalling or no starts and could also cause damage to the catalytic converters.
Whether if either of these issues applies to your vehicle, I cannot tell you. You'll need to provide more information. You may also want to browse through the technical service bulletins for your vehicle in this site's "knowledge base" section to see if any might apply to your problems.
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