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Old 08-21-2020, 01:10 PM
bmma bmma is offline
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2013 Rogue
Join Date: Aug 2020
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Default 2013 Rogue AC Questions

I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue that has recently had problems with the Air Conditioning. About a month ago the AC stopped working. The blower still worked but it just wouldn't blow cold air. It was working normally up that point. Took it to a dealership and they diagnosed a bad compressor. Had the compressor replaced and it solved the problem, but it was making a low rumbling noise when the AC was on. It was definitely related to the AC system as regardless of how high the blower is set, if you push the button to turn off the AC the sound goes away, and immediately comes back when pressed to turn it on.

The dealership spoke with Nissan who said it must a faulty compressor so they agreed to put another one in. A few days later (they had to order another compressor) they put that in and it was making the same noise. They again spoke with Nissan who said that this is normal and that it needed to "break in" and the noise should go away in about 1000 miles or so. I think this sounds like a BS explanation but I'm willing to give it 1000 miles to see what happens. A couple days later and the AC stops working again. I was sitting in traffic and the noise suddenly disappeared like I had turned off the AC, except I hadn't changed any settings, and it's now just blowing warm air. Took me a couple of days to get back to the dealership but it doesn't work during this entire period. I bring it back and they said that an electrical connector came apart and they repair it and it's working again, but still with the noise.

I've now driven it about 1500 miles and over the past week the AC has stopped working intermittently on 4 different occasions. Same symptoms as when the connector failed; the noise will stop and it won't blow cold air. The difference is that it will just start working again. This is usually after a few minutes, but it appears random.

It's at the dealership today and they say they are waiting for an answer from Nissan. They've had it since yesterday and seem to just be sitting around waiting for Nissan to tell them what to do next, but Nissan doesn't seem like they are to anxious to figure it out.

I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on what the problem could be. It definitely seems related to the AC compressor/clutch as the noise comes on and off when you press the button to turn the AC on or off. Everything else associated with the system seems to be working as normal; the blower acts normal and you can adjust the speed as usual, and you can select where you want the air to blow.

Any ideas people may have are appreciated.
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Old 05-19-2021, 08:42 AM
ledbailey ledbailey is offline
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2013 Rogue
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Default 2013 Rogue AC problems

I also have a 2013 Rogue with AC problems. My dealer tells me it is very common for Rogues of older years and Nissan is well aware of this. Google has many bad comments also about Rogue AC problems. Based on these replies and my conversation with my dealer I ask them to install a new one at a fair price if Nissan would help supply a new unit at a cost price or free service. They responded Nissan was not interested in helping me. So just under 1000 dollars later I had the dealership install a new unit . I would like to thank everyone at Nissan Canada for their support? I will say the Rogue other than this problem has been a good car but do not understand if Nissan knows the AC is a problem why they do not correct it for good customers.
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