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co-nissan 10-09-2020 05:29 PM

Please Help....Code P1140 - 2001 Nissan Pathfinder
Been getting this code for awhile. After an oil change, I replaced the sensor from Bank 1 (Passenger side), then cleared the code, which came back immediately. I then swapped the sensor with Bank 2 to see if the code would follow, which it didn't. Still showed P1140. I also cleaned the connectors to make sure a good connection was being made.

I then removed the IVTC solenoid from Bank 1 side, removed it from the housing unit, cleaned it and connected it to a power source to see if the valve would move back and forth, which it did. I reinstalled it with a new gasket (I think the source of my small oil leak) & cleared the code, which returned.

For the longest, I had small oil leak and I originally believed it was coming from my real oil seals. After removing the IVTC solenoid, 1) the gasket tore in pieces & looked very brittle, which leads me to believe the seal might have been compromised and 2) I noticed A LOT of built up oil just below the solenoid.

I'm starting to think I may have an electrical/ground issue, which has me totally lost. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

co-nissan 10-09-2020 07:34 PM

I took my meter and verified I had constant voltage to the sensor harness @ Bank 1 and 2, which I did. Also measured the resistance for both banks and it read just below 2Ω. I did the same for the front IVT control solenoid. Good constant voltage but no resistance reading for the ground wire. Any suggestions on what to do next? Kinda learning on the fly here. (newbie) Thanks

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