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LawsonCade 04-13-2020 01:20 PM

Need some advice!
I’m interested in purchasing a Nissan Maxima. Preferably a SE, manual transmission. I came across a 2000 maxima SE manual transmission with 159k miles. Guy said it probably needs brakes cuz it shakes. I drove it and yea it pretty shakey when just driving it. I pulled off at a parking lot and looked behind the wheel best I could and it looked like the tie rods ball joints where shot. Is that a common problem with these cars? Is it a expensive fix? The intake box was also falling off. Like if the clips or watever holds it on is broken and it falls off. Interior looks ok I guess.

What advice could you guys give me? Wat should I look for?SHAREit Appvn

tundrawolf89 05-01-2020 09:46 PM

Don't buy it. Unless you're doing the work yourself. I've owned 3 maxima 2 4th gen and a 5th gen . 96 SE 5mt, 98 GLE, 02 SE 6mt and a Altima with vq35 too.

It's definitely more than just the brakes but the warped discs would be bad because chances are it's been that way awhile. It takes out the wheel bearings. Depending on the rust/environment conditions... Those cars engine mounts go quick. Buy a new set off rock auto, fill them with polyurethane rubber from a tube, and be happy your engine won't go anywhere it shouldn't in the near future. Without filling them they last about 1-2 years, maybe longer if u do them all at once.
Rear suspension bushings for the trailing arms get worn bad and the tie rods (inner +outer) often over looked along with the leaking power steering rez and/or pump that destroys the belt, control arms, cv boots swell, then tear. But definitely look into the tie rods causing shaking as well as engine mounts. Get someone to rev the engine while holding the brake, at u check for movement. Lookup video on YT for reference . I think there's a good one at South main auto or that one guy who does Nissan's I can't rm his name 🤔 he's got a lot of maxima videos , white dude, you'll find him lol

smj999smj 05-03-2020 09:10 AM

My advice would be to have a reputable auto repair shop do an inspection of it before you purchase it. If it costs you $100, it'll be worth it to know exactly what is and isn't wrong with it and what money you may need to invest into it. If the vehicle's owner won't agree to that, maybe it's because he knows of what they'll find. On the whole, these were good cars, but how they are maintained is critical as with any twenty year old vehicle.

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