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Morley40 12-30-2019 03:25 PM

06 XTerra - no pwr to the taillights (however brake lights work)
Need some help here. I have two issues that may be related.
A while back my AC stopped working.
Recently in the last two weeks the tail lights stopped working as well. However brake lights work, when I press brake pedal.
I checked the fuses for both tail lights and AC, both are functional.
I am able to confirm NO 12v in tail light and AC coil energizer wires. However have confirmed the AC coil works (clutch engages) if I supply 12v to the clutch coil. Same to the tail lamps as well.
So appears something between the fuse and the load (ac coil & tail lights).
Without taillights I can't drive during dusk to dawn.

Hope I am making sense in the above description and my actions to troubleshoot.
Any suggestions for what I should look at to resolve these issues.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!!!

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