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Kfirrre 09-24-2019 10:35 PM

Oxygen Sensor threading broke off....
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I'm really hoping that I don't have to be either a welder or someone with more money than I have to get this problem fixed... So pretty much I was having the same P0420 code that everyone else is having and when I called the dealership to do the whole recall thing on the pre-cat the lady had told me that whole recall had already been completed? So does that mean that my P0420 code can't be the CAT then? Anyway I went on to the Oxygen sensors, and I heart that the P0420 code is either a CAT or the sensors. I went to remove the first sensor and it looked really rusted and like no one had ever changed it or something. It was pretty stuck on there... I got some leverage and yanked the entire threading out of the manifold (where you screw in the 02 sensor bank 1). So my question to you amazing people out there, is....
Does anyone have any advice on installing my 02 sensor when the threading that it screws into has been ripped out? (Will post pictures to show you what I am left with...)

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, and I hope that everyone else out there with the P0420 problem get it solved quickly and free...

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