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Ruska87 09-18-2019 02:09 PM

2008 Sentra Nissan
I have bought a used Nissan Sentra from Elite Auto Group out in Rancho Mirrage on June 6th of this year with 106,700 miles on it. Today I've got 111,500 miles on it, Now three months later, my Sentra now isn't wanting to shift, I hooked the OBD2 to get a code of P1777 Mitsubishi Body control.. im not sure why it's giving me a Mitsubishi description... But I did see a Mitsubishi part underneath my dash behind the steering column. Can anybody help me out and point me in the right direction. What am I best in doing. Also I had a flat recently and when I went to go grab my spare tire, it wasn't there... So what's up with that? This car has become more of a headache, but sadly with it being a used vehicle I can't get my money back for the car.. I'm under the impression this car is over heating also but isn't indicating it in my dash at all.. but my level of antifreeze never changes n isn't going anywhere seems weird to me... Please help!

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