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cynfeld5 04-11-2019 03:01 PM

No power to accessory power ports
Hello all,
I have a 2006 base Sentra. The other day I used the cigarette lighter port to power an air compressor to fill a tire. Afterwards I went to charge my cell phone and found that BOTH the cig lighter and 12V accessory ports were not working. I tried several different charging wires and verified the fuse inside the passenger compartment fuse box is good. Is there possibly a fusible link in the circuit that may have blown? Or can anyone explain how I might go about tracing the wiring to look for maybe a burnt out portion (in case the compressor pulled too much power)? Thanks for your help...

smj999smj 04-12-2019 10:26 PM

Here's a link to the wiring diagram (page "WW-10") for the power socket and cigar lighter socket. The are actually serviced by different fuses, although they are both powered by the ignition switch. I would start by checking fuses #1, 3 and 22. If those are all good, make sure there is power going to them. If not, you have a power supply issue between (and/or possibly including) the ignition switch and fuse box. Here's the link:

cynfeld5 04-13-2019 09:06 AM

Thanks so much for the schematic. I'm not very good with them but will try to find someone to help read it. I have determined that the two 15A fuses are good, but I do not know where that third 10A fuse (your #1) is located. The fuse box diagram is very legible but I can't tell which of them might be that third fuse (maybe it has an odd descriptive name?)....

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