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jtybt 01-11-2019 05:14 PM

dangerous throttle at start!
2001 Maxima V6. A couple of questions.

1) Just got it and the throttle is extremely sensitive. The slightest throttle pressure sends the car moving at an unsafe initial speed. This is even more of a concern while backing up.

Is there a fix that can dampen the throttle initial response?

2) Going down the freeway where there are some whoopty-doo's. Instead of coming off a high spot and squatting like a well controlled car should, This car acts more like a boat, jiggling side to side. and wanting to shimmy off the road. I know it's probably the shocks but it's acting more like a 70's or 80's full size 'boat'. I thought these newer gas shock cars had better suspension all the way around. How normal does this sound?

...and yeah, I was around in the days of muscle cars.



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