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pyrokiller2008 05-10-2018 11:57 AM

04 Nissan frontier truck problems
Can anybody help me figure out what's causing my truck to switch on and off OD by itself? When driving my rpms are at 2000 then all of a sudden I'll hear a clicking noise then my rpm will jump to 3500 to 4000 rpm even when I'm driving locally. Can anybody tell me what is causing this? My dashboard doesn't lite up any issues so can't hook the computer up to it to find out.

smj999smj 05-19-2018 02:17 PM

Sounds like there's an intermittent short or open in the OD switch circuit. Basically, there are two wires at the O/D switch, one to a chassis ground and the other to the TCM. When the O/D cancel operation is selected, the TCM prevents the trans from shifting into 4th gear. With the wires in the shifter and the shift constantly being moved back and forth, it's possible that the wire broke inside it's insulation causing an intermittent open circuit. It's also very possible to have a faulty O/D switch. There is a testing procedure in the "AT" section of the factory service manual.

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