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Ericgus1 10-21-2017 01:14 PM

charge warning and brake warning lamps
I had the exact issue identified in "NTB05-059 Safety Recall Campaign" with my 2007 Murano. My wife was driving when a the charge light and brake light illuminated. She stopped at the house to drop off groceries and proceeded with other errands. After leaving the house, she approached a busy intersection with a stop sign and when it was her turn started to proceed through the intersection when the throttle did not respond and merely idled through the intersection. Fortunately a police officer was behind her and helped her get into a parking lot. If this had happened on the highway, I hate to think of how this scenario could have played out.
This recall needs to be expanded to 2007 Murano's and I would like to be reimbursed for the repair that I paid for out of my pocket and is a known issue. Please get back to me on this issue.

NTB05-059 Safety Recall Campaign

Nissan has determined that some 2003-2005 model year Nissan Murano vehicles may have a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety. There is a possibility that a wire breaking inside the alternator could stop the battery from charging. If this happens, the charge warning and brake warning lamps will immediately come on and the battery will begin to discharge. After a short time, the engine will go into a "fail safe" condition which will limit vehicle speed. Very shortly after this, the engine will stop running. To prevent this condition from occurring, Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall Campaign to inspect and, if necessary, replace the alternator.

smj999smj 10-21-2017 02:42 PM

The brake warning light and charging system warning light coming on to alert of a charging system failure is normal on all Nissan vehicles and has been for a long time before the Murano. The recall was because of a wire breaking inside the alternator which was "supposed" to have been corrected on later models. Your biggest issue is going to be proving that your alternator failed because of the same broken wire issue rather than another issue, such as a failed regulator or worn out brushes. If it failed because of those issues and after 7 years, rather than the wire failure, it would be considered normal wear and tear rather than a defective part that failed prematurely (auto parts do fail over time and are not warranted forever from the factory in most cases). You would have to have an auto electrical specialist or auto technician disassemble the alternator and confirm that the failure is due to the same broken wire as those in the recall to have any chance at getting Nissan to compensate you or have any grounds for the NHTSA to extend the warranty. You could contact the NHTSA directly and complain and if they have a significant number of complaints from model years outside of the original recall, they may investigate it further and/or extend the recall. That will usually take time but if it does happen, you will probably get an opportunity to get reimbursement for the repair if you keeps your receipts as proof of it being done.
Other things you can do fall under what most call the "squeaky wheel" method. Call the customer hotline @ 1-800-NISSAN-1 and complain, post your issue and dissatisfaction on Nissan's Facebook page and/or complain to the service manager, sales manager and general manager at your Nissan dealer. Dealers do have the authority to "goodwill" warranty certain repairs for their loyal customers, in part or in full; this might mean they will offer to cover the labor if you purchase the parts from them, or, split the bill 50/50 with you. Nissan, themselves, could offer some sort of deal for compensation if you have the repair done through a dealer (of course, they may not, as well). But, complaining is free and you never know unless you try! Good luck!

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