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Tom G Cross Cab 10-03-2017 12:27 PM

Need mechanic in KC MO area.
I am looking for a non-dealer mechanic with knowledge and experience with a Murano Cross Cabriolet soft top. It stopped operating and the dealer's answer would be an entire new roof and control for approximate $19K. Well, that's crazy. I believe that it might be much simpler and less costly, especially if a mechanic and I have the patience and persistence to acquire good salvage parts as needed. I would like a capable mechanic to thoroughly analyze the problem(s) and replace or repair components one at a time in a logical order, as indicated by what works or does not work. To get a qualified mechanic to tackle this challenge, I will drive the car or have it driven to your locatio anywhere within the bounds of Denver - Indiannaolis
Minneapolis - Austin, and maybe farther to get the car fixed for a reasonable amount. I will call it a vacation. I will pay a prevailing rate plus a "bonus" for taking on such a project and sticking with it to a conclusion. The top is up, so it is driveable.
I guess I now have a hard top that is soft, or something like that. When I got the car back from the dealer, the warning message that the top was not locked was screaming at me every time I drove it. I set out to find a fuse to pull in order to kill the warning noise. It was not identified in any literature I read but I deduced from comments on another forum which fuse to pull out. Would you believe that I found that the fuse for the top was only partialaly inserted into its slot? Yep. True. Having found that, I do not know if the dealer ever discovered that; or, maybe they had the fuse out and did not replace it properly. Any wonder why I have little confidence in them? Hence the procedure I suggest above.
If you are the mechanic I need or have suggestion on how I will find that mechanic please respond.
If any reader has a thought on my proceeding as I explained, I welcome your comments.
Thanks for your consideration.
Tom G

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