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casiaw16 02-24-2017 11:14 AM

2013, Altima, CVT,
My Transmission is going out (making a grinding noise). It is past the warranty.
I,ve been told that the only transmission that I can use is for the year model 2013. Any help out there? Why only the 2013?

GRRRR! 03-03-2017 05:40 PM

I have the same problem but only that Nissan of Muskogee keep saying they cannot duplicate the problem. I swear I will never buy another one. They have given me so much trouble. I purchased my car brand new from them and bought the extended warranty. I have already had to replace the ac condenser, now it's not working and they are trying to charge me another $100 to tell me it's not working and if they have to replace it again, it will not be covered under warranty. I have complained for two years about a rattle when I hit a bump. again, they couldn't duplicate the problem. He said, he could take the protector off. I was like, I don't think so!! Just a week ago, i got frustrated and had a friend of mine put it on a rack. When he pulled the protector off of it, a long bolt that looked like it was 16 to 18" long, fell out and the other was hanging by two threads!! I was so ticked!! Did they not look? apparently this was a recall and somehow wasn't fixed. On top of that, I took it in for the hood latch recall. When I lifted my hood to check my oil, guess what I found? I found my old hood latch just laying there!! I still have an AC problem, my car runs like crap, it doesn't shift like it should, it whines big time, when i turn my car off, it is still whining. and yet I've been screaming about two of these problems and they still want to charge $300 to "diagnose" each issue at $100 per problem. I don't trust them at all now. On top of all that, my paint is chipping big time. I'm so disappointed with Nissan. I'm going to take it to corporate because this is not even right!!

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