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NJCeltRogueGuy 12-17-2015 11:26 AM

Mixing synthetic and regular oil 2012 Rogue
I have a 2012 Nissan Rogue. It's time to do the oil. I know it has regular 10w-30 weight. A friend, who is a neighbor, has a rogue as well, and her mechanic mixes half of synthetic with half regular oil. She said her mechanic told her it's how you get the best gas mileage. She's getting 20mpg city and 27mpg highway.
I'm getting 17.8mpg city and 25 highway.
Should l try this mix, is it actually safe?
I've heard you can switch back and forth, but never whether you can mix the two oils.

NissanTech 12-22-2015 10:38 PM

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I never heard anyone mixing synthetic oil with regular oil, and I suggest not to do it. Although most oils are very similar, different additives on the oil can interact and may become destabilized by the mixture.

I suggest to use either synthetic or regular "5W-30" which is what the factory recommends for your Rogue.

Engine oil quality (Synthetic or Regular) should not affect the gas mileage, there are many variables that can affect the gas mileage:
- Driving condition
- Tire pressure
- Driver behavior (aggressive driver)
- A/C usage
- Windows opening (if windows are up or down)

NJCeltRogueGuy 12-24-2015 02:14 PM

Hi Nissan Tech,

Thanks. I think I'm going to use 5w-30 synthetic. It appears I've been running my tires, a bit under inflation specs. As to why I'm not getting similar gas mileage, I imagine I've done many of those listed, except being aggressive. (I moved away from the city to get away from that.) I thought it could be the oil, so I'm glad l asked. I bought this Rogue and wanted synthetic, as it was what l ran in my pathfinder, but they told me they would put in regular oil, and l could change it if l wanted, when it was time. (I miss that old girl, but hey, we've all had to move past an old love, sooner or later right?) As to why my neighbors mechanic, is mixing her oil, idk. I'll let her know what you've told me. I plan on having this one for at least the 15 years I had the pathfinder for, she might not be so lucky, but l know she's always cutting corners, and seized the motor on her kia, before she bought a nissan.


smj999smj 12-24-2015 07:18 PM

Why would someone mix synthetic with conventional when one can just buy synthetic-blend oil already mixed? I call the gas mileage gain claim by mixing the two together a bunch of B.S.!

clabrush 01-07-2016 06:25 AM

Gas mileage can be affected by many things. Correct air in tires is one. If you use your cruise control on the highway you will see a good difference in mileage. That it controls you acceleration way better than your foot. How fast you start and how hard you stop is a factor also. Regular mantainice clean air filter all helps. I tested my Rogue with everything I could think of and I could get 27mpg city and 32 mpg highway. How you drive I think is the biggest thing. Just Sayin.

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