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ervski49 11-30-2015 04:32 PM

Drive Train Whining between 60 - 70 MPH
My 2015 Nissan Titan 4WD extended cab has a "Drive Train Whining" issue between 60 - 70 MPH about 2,000 RPM during positive torque (meaning power on) since new. Noise is more pronounced at 64 MPH. It sounds like a worn U-joint. Returned to dealer with 40 miles on truck, technician acknowledge the issue indicating they would further investigate issue at first 5,000 mile and maybe drive another Titan to see if this is an inherent issue with 2015 Titan & contact Nissan.
At 5,000 mile servicing, another tech drove truck & acknowledge issue. Ordered & replaced the drive shaft. Did not fix the problem. Waiting for the dealership to receive a new Titan to see if it might have the issue.
This is my third Titan, the first two where smooth on open road with no drive train noise.
I have done some troubleshooting myself by locking in lower gears & changing RPM. Only area with the noise is in normal drive as indicated above. My best guess is that the rear end is causing issue.
Question: Anyone heard of this issue or maybe have ideas to help resolve this issue. Seems my local dealership and myself are at dead end baring systemmatic component change out to correct issue.
Tks much, erv

Jonnyd21981 05-24-2016 11:00 AM

This thread is 6+ months old but thought I'd shoot a reply out there anyway. I am new to this forum but have had this exact issue on my 2004 Titan. The Titan developed a whine at about 50,000 miles which only happened while under load (gas pedal being pressed). It started out by doing this only between 65mph - 70mph (especially bad at 67mph). It eventually progressed to happening anywhere between 45mph and 75 mph.

My axel seals were leaking anyway so I decided after a few years of dealing with this noise that it was time to get the rear end checked out. $1450.00 later I had a freshly rebuild rear differential. Ultimately, it was the Ring and Pinion Gears that had not been meshing properly that caused the gears to wear funny which was a major contributor to the whining noise. However, all bearings and seals were replaced too. Nothing was really at a point of failure and I drove the truck for a number of years with that noise, I just wanted piece of mind when driving my truck. :biggrin2:

ervski49 05-25-2016 03:07 AM

Thanks much! Appears Nissan has a problem. Nissan gave up on my problem. My problem is l will not drive a Whining vehicle. After two rear-ends, buy back with new Nissans, I now drive a 1500 Ram. Sad this company has lost it, I was a long time Nissan customer.

Thanks again! erv

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