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albertaboy 11-26-2011 12:23 PM

2005 Clunking noise from rear end

Got a 2005 X-Trail (Canadian) with a clunking noise coming from the rear end at low speed. Another site mentioned a broken exhaust pipe bracket, which I did have and fixed, but it did not get rid of the noise. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Dallas 02-27-2018 06:27 AM

I am having a similar problem so would like to know you managed to resolve it and how.

kcool5150 09-04-2019 08:00 AM

old thread, but I did not see a solution posted, so here's my thoughts (have worked on both 2005 and 2006 Canadian X-trails). Clunking noise in rear end is often suspension related - most likely a bad stabilizer (sway) bar link or both links. Sometimes the rubber bushings that surround the sway bars in the rear can harden, but the clunk is usually caused by a broken or damaged link or links. If replacing these you can go OEM, but I had great success with the Moog K570386 greasable links (link is only for the rear-end parts): More Information for MOOG K750386

Could also be one or both rear struts (these exxy's have struts on all four corners). As the 05-06 Canadian X-Trails are all pretty high mileage these days (we have one with 380,000 km and another at 250,000 km), I would recommend ordering OEM through your local Nissan dealership - they have their 'first line' struts (pricey) and a 'second line' (less pricey) struts that are both exact OEM spec to choose from. I have not had good success with jobber struts as they often do not bolt up and sometimes change the ride considerably. I also (not always, but this time) agree with Scotty Kilmer that you should avoid the 'quick struts' sold preloaded with springs, instead you should buy the OEM strut cartraige replacement, and try to re-use the existing springs. Scotty Kilmer describes this in more detail here: YouTube

Hope that helps the OP or others out if you (like me) are still nursing these old Canadian X-Trails along.

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