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nissangrl 05-15-2011 05:17 AM

Rattling noise
A few weeks ago I was driving and heard a slight noise. I first thought it might be coming from my a/c so I turned it off. Days later realized it wasn't a/c, didn't have a/c on and heard rattle. I don't hear the rattle all the time but now a week and a half later I'm hearing the noise more and is a little louder. Noise comes any speed below 60mph before noise wasn't too loud but now sometimes it's loud. I started my car yesterday and this was the first time I heard it after I started the car. I had my son in law look at it and he doesn't know what it can be. As far as running it's running fine. I'm not loosing any power, no indicator lights are coming on and the noise is not there all the time, it comes and goes. Yesterday while driving I heard the noise and when I took foot of gas pedal it stopped. My son in law said I could start replacing parts till the sound goes away. That's not an option. A friend said it could be a belt. Funds are very limited at this time and cannot afford to go around to have it checked out with no results. Anyone have this problem? Car has 148,000 miles. I've had this car for about 2yrs and it has been running great and still is, minus this rattle. Any input would be great...Thanks

Cahl100 10-16-2016 02:43 PM

Did you ever found out what it was?

bennyb53 10-18-2016 12:47 AM

For under $15. buy a automotive stethoscope. Yesss, you wear it like your doctor do. With engine running just probe the valve cover, alternator, power steering pump, timing chain cover as inside it is the water pump. For me I only hear sound of silence. Or take it to a repair shop for one hour of diagnostics for $120. and upward.

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