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Nissan Operator 08-16-2010 01:51 PM

Nissan Altima 2.5 2005 sensors problems Toronto, GTA
If you are having problems with starting your car, the car stoles on you as you drive or come to a stop sing, the serive engine lights are on, then you have a problem with 2 sensors. You need to replace them both. If you take to a mechaniv shop or dealeriship it will cost you between $300-$500.

I and a bunch of my friends had same problem. I fixed my car and my friends car, and then friends of my friends started to call and I began to fix this problem for them at 50% cost less then of a shop/dealer.

If you live in Toronto or GTA, please call me now at 647-831-2102. The car must be called in order to work on it, so it is better that I come to your place. It is a dangerous problem and you should fix it right away.

Call now 647-831-2102


Deafkid88 08-22-2010 09:04 AM

i have replaced both the camshaft and crankshaft on mine just recently, the check engine light came on at 70,000 miles exactly. and I'm at 71,500 now. I've replaced the two sensors and my lights are still on. I am tempting to change the speed sensor as well since I had a P0725 (Speed sensor) code come up on the reading. but do I need 1 speed sensor or two? My local AutoZone told me I just needed 1.. so that is where exactly in the engine part so I can replace?

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