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mpe235 04-14-2010 06:03 PM

Nissan power seat gears
If you have a Nissan that has power seats and you are having trouble with the right side of the seat not moving it is usually caused by the plastic gear in the seat track breaking or stripping. You can buy a gear to repair the seat here Odometer Gears | 72 Croatan Road | Newport News, VA 23606 | 757.593.3478 . I have personally had the opportunity to get my hands on the gears from these guys and compare it to the gears on several Nissan vehicles. (350z, ,maxima and murano). They are made to exact specifications. You can not get these from the dealer. You have to buy the entire frame assembly which costs about $1000.00 .
For $65.00 for the gear this is a great deal.
Check these guys out and save a ton of money.

NissanTech 04-14-2010 07:26 PM

Thank you for the information!! It's good to know that there are gears available for the seats.

servant74 07-12-2013 10:53 AM

I found a gear assembly replacement for about $60 on eBay (new, guaranteed after market part - not entire mechanism). -- the entire mechanism seems to be good for a little while but not for 'life of the car'. Replacement from dealer was ONLY entire seat mechanism for between $900 and $1000 for parts only. Junk yard wanted $250.

I like the Murano, but I gave into my wife to get it, wanted something without 'power' stuff. Less to break. Only had this (used) car 6 months, and this is the first item.

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