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loan seller 01-10-2009 12:34 PM

Switching motor oil to synthetic good or bad??
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My truck has 140,000 miles on it and the first owner did not run synthetics. I have heard it could cause sludge to come loose revealing a leak. The first owner took great care of it getting the oil changed ever 3000-4500 i have all of the paper work.

i was thinking 10w40 in the motor and 80w140 in the diffs since its so hot here in the summer.

the tranny already takes syn, dexIII

has anyone ever tried changing the tranny fluid by
unplugging the plug on the radiator. That will let the old fluid poor out. Then there is somewhere else that will suck new fluid in. Or you can just poor it in.

I am trying to do this stuff my self, so I am trying to get all the info I can before I start.

I painted my wheels take a look

sergey85 01-10-2009 02:15 PM

synthetic is good but if u have any leaks it will most lickly leak

tech22 01-11-2009 05:32 AM

With that many miles i don't see where it would be cost effective.Maybe if the last owner had used it from the beginning that would be a different matter. I would stick with the dino base oil.

mpe235 01-11-2009 06:28 AM

With that many miles I would stick to conventional. If you really want to use synthetic you could probably switch to a high mileage synthetic blend.

Doug Nesius 07-12-2009 11:55 AM

Change to Synthetic OIL ?
I have a 1992 2WD Hardbody truch with 485K (original engine). I initially ran Castrol GTX,changed religiously every 3-4 K miles ... changed to Castrol synthetic at 300 K ... started to experience valve chatter at approx. 350 K. I then heard about AMSOIL on a local radio show. I switched to 20-50 AMSOIL synthetic. The chatter disappeared, mileage increased, runs great! I now change my oil every 6500 miles and do not have to add oil in between changes. AMSOIL specs out better than Mobil 1.

Madmax3 07-12-2009 04:47 PM

Wow now that is a high mileage story! I bought a 04 crew cab last year with 29000 miles. i switched the dif and engine to synthetic and have not had any problems. Of course My wife oinly put 3000 miles on it in the last year.
I would think a little harder about changing to synthetic with that many miles but then again if the engine was well maintained with frequent oil changes then it really shoudl not be a problem.

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