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2000 Pathfinder SE: Changing the Timing Belt Forums > > 2000 Pathfinder SE: Changing the Timing Belt 2000 Pathfinder SE: Changing the Timing Belt
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Old 06-21-2019, 12:03 PM
famousredhead famousredhead is offline
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2000 Pathfinder
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Default 2000 Pathfinder SE: Changing the Timing Belt

I'm not a mechanic but I need advice. I had a new timing belt installed 6 years ago at 96,000 mi. I don't drive the car much, in fact I have only put 15,000 mi in that 6 yr period. But those miles have been mostly on hills, and country roads.

I recently had some work done on the car and my mechanic said that I should replace it. The conversation was all in spanish and I thought he meant another part which I know had not been changed in 20 years. So I said ok. When I picked up the car, he showed me the belt and I assumed it needed to be changed or he wouldn't have told me to do it. Note: the repairs that I took it in for required him to get to the timing belt and thus when he told me it was a wise thing to replace it since he was already there and had taken other parts out to make my repairs, he should change it out for a new one and thus it would not cost any more in his mechanic fee, just for the part.

So now when I look at the belt it looks pretty good, but I'm not a mechanic. So my Q is this:

I know the belt hasn't had alot of MILES put on it, but it has been a lot of years. So does YEARS play a part in the deterioration of the belt or is it just use and miles?

Thanks for an y advice...
Little Red in Costa Rica
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Old 06-22-2019, 07:45 AM
famousredhead famousredhead is offline
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2000 Pathfinder
Join Date: Jun 2016
Posts: 20
Default Update and more info...please help with answer

I guess I should have mentioned that the mechanic changed my water pump as it was leaking coolant. So I had a new one installed and it was more than 6 yrs old. It was THEN that the mechanic suggested I change the timing belt, which was about 6yrs old. So I guess I would like to know WHY should I have changed the timing belt when the new water pump was installed. I notice that there are kits (pump WITH timing belt), but I dont know why this is. TX
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Old 06-25-2019, 12:46 AM
smj999smj's Avatar
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In order to replace the water pump, you have to remove the timing belt covers and, you "should" also remove the timing belt to prevent coolant from getting onto the timing belt. There is a significant amount of disassembly to get to either one, so, if there is a considerable amount of time or mileage on either one, it's prudent to replace them both at the same time. That why you see Timing Belt Component kits that have the timing belt, tensioner and water pump and gasket. Some kits may even go so far as to include the front cam seals, front crank seal and even the thermostat and drive belts or even radiator hoses. I totally agree with your mechanic! He's essentially saving you money in the long run because it'll be 105,000 miles or 6-years (the recommended replacement interval for mileage or time, whichever comes first) before the timing belt is due, again. Hopefully, the water pump will last that long, as well (it should). With my own VG33E, I also replaced, along with the previous items mentioned, the bypass hose which sits inconveniently behind the rear timing cover. I rather do it all at once and (hopefuly) not worry about it again than have to tear it all apart for something else a couple months down the road. FYI, there are some engines that actually have the timing belt drive the water pump, which is why the whole timing belt kit w/ water pump started.
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