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Old 11-30-2018, 07:57 PM
StephanieM StephanieM is offline
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2001 Pathfinder
2001 Pathfinder
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Michigan USA
Posts: 24
Default Extremely rough idle, low power

2001 3.5

I drove my baby approximately 75 miles with no issues, other than the P1145 code, which has been an error since I bought it, 2 years ago.

I let my husband drive it and about 3 miles into his trip, he claims, that it began missing and running really really rough. The check engine light started blinking, instead of being solid on, like normal.

My baby starts but she sounds horrible and is all shaky. I bought a reader, it was showing codes (new) p1320,p0304, p0160, p1446, p1491, p0158, p0159 and
(old code) p1145.

After visual inspection we located a red and green wire that had been chewed on under the car. We replaced it with the identical wire off our parts pathy. According to wiring diagram, wire is for Evap canister, which was one of the codes. We cleared the codes and started it. Codes p0160, p1446, p1491, p0158 and p0159 disappeared. Leaving me with codes P1320, P0304 and P1145.

I am not very knowledgeable with cars, but I have four kids, and I need my 4x4, it's winter. It's been broke about 6 weeks and well getting my husband to work on it is like pulling teeth.

Things we have changed with new:
Spark Plugs
Fuel filter

Things we swapped out with parts pathy
All six coil packs
Both Crankshaft sensors
Camshaft sensor
what we believed to be the Ignition Condenser
Cleaned and oiled air filter.

I had read somewhere that MAF can cause the issues I am experiencing. My reader says that my MAF sensor is operating (at an idle) 4.35 g/s and at 2000 rpm 9.53 g/s.
Is this a good reading?

Is it possible that driving it with that chewed on wired fried part of my ECM?


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Old 12-03-2018, 05:51 AM
StephanieM StephanieM is offline
Registered User
2001 Pathfinder
2001 Pathfinder
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Michigan USA
Posts: 24
Red face FIXED!!

So we tested a bunch of sensors, and coils, all in range. Read somewhere to use electrical tape on the coil pack #4, plastic part, so we wrapped it while it was off. Put it back together, cleared codes, started it, and it was running on all cylinders again! Unfortunately, codes P1135 and P1320 are still pending and the P0304, is now red, instead of yellow (?) and I have no clue why, but I know it's not missing anymore, no shaking, no hesitation. Perhaps I just have to drive it so many miles for the codes to clear...not really sure. So if your having issues with a missing cylinder, BEFORE buying new coils, try wrapping them in electrical tape!
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extremely, idle, low, power, rough

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