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Strange Overheating issue with R50 VQ35de pathfinder Forums > > Strange Overheating issue with R50 VQ35de pathfinder Strange Overheating issue with R50 VQ35de pathfinder
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Old 11-15-2015, 03:33 AM
mathewmm mathewmm is offline
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2005 Pathfinder
Join Date: Nov 2015
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Default Strange Overheating issue with R50 VQ35de pathfinder

I'm a newbie to the forum and am quite sorry to post with a very bad and painful problem. I own a 2004 /2005 model R50 XES 3.5. All problems started with an overheating issue. After noticing overheating the following were changed
  1. water pump
  2. both thermostats
  3. fan clutch
  4. temperature sensor
  5. Removed and inspected the radiator and was found to be in good order
  6. coolant
All was well for 3 months and then temperature started to climb. Took it to a roadside fellow who did some fixes like removal of the t stats, fully locking the clutch and again inspection and pressure testing of radiator.
Vehicle overheated and failed the head gasket.

Took it to a Nissan mechanic and Engine was overhauled. During overhauling the block and heads were checked for any cracks or wrap age. All was well , engine was fixed with new bearings, seals, piston rings, thermostats and fan clutch. The water pump and oil pumps were checked and both was working fine. After overhaul when vehicle was started it showed overheating persistently. All air burping was done but to no visible effect on the overheating problem. The Aux fan also is coming on when AC is switched on. Now I drive around with the heater at max to bring down the temperature. Trust me its no way funny in the heat of Qatar.

The ignition timings were checked and was 16 deg BTDC. No error codes show up during the scan. Coolant temp is indicated above 100 even on idling only. No mixing of coolant with oil is noticed and the level of coolant in the radiator and the overflow tank is noticed.
Really frustrated with the issue as I have made Quite a large investment on the truck. Could somebody in the forum advice on what could be done???.
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Old 11-15-2015, 08:27 PM
NissanTech's Avatar
NissanTech NissanTech is offline
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2004 Xterra
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Unfortunately you have done everything. I have never had any similar problems, but is possible that your Pathfinder is not suitable for the Qatar's heat? Have you consider adding and extra radiator cooler? or a bigger radiator or fan?
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Old 11-16-2015, 02:53 AM
mathewmm mathewmm is offline
Registered User
2005 Pathfinder
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 4

hi there!
Thanks for the reply. However the car was performing in the heat in Qatar well for the past 10 years.
However I would like to share an observation that I made yesterday.
Opened the radiator cap and the drain vent at the back of the engine. ( a pipe with a black cover and a clip). Filled it with coolant. connected a snug fitting pipe to the pipe at the back. (guess this is feeding the heater) and dipped it into a bottle of coolant. Started the engine with heator on at full heat and let it run till both the thermostats opened. after accelerating for a few minutes at idle I could see the coolant in the bottle with the hose I attached disappearing. Thought that its air going out of the system, but surprise! there was a puddle of coolant below the car. Guess the heater pipe is leaking. Part no: 92505. Now I have to tray to arrest this leak and then test the system again. Any thoughts on whether this could be the cause of the overheating problem?
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issue, overheating, pathfinder, r50, strange, vq35de

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