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93 Sentra GA16de, EGR & Canister Solenoid Issues Help Please! Forums > > 93 Sentra GA16de, EGR & Canister Solenoid Issues Help Please! 93 Sentra GA16de, EGR & Canister Solenoid Issues Help Please!
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Old 11-20-2011, 09:23 PM
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Default 93 Sentra GA16de, EGR & Canister Solenoid Issues Help Please!

I have a 93 Sentra with the Motor GA16de, The car has 180k And was running great until I stumbled across this issue I am having now.

Here is the issue...

When I drive the vehicle around town it putts around just fine.. but once I start going around 40 mph + It will start to spark knock, I changed out all the plugs and wires and distributor cap. I noticed after changing the plugs that they were white. Letting me know that the engine was running lean aka Hot. After understanding this I started troubleshooting the issue..

I found that the EGR Valve was staying closed and not opening like it should when I tested it like the manual says, Which is to get the engine @ running temp and then bringing up the RPMS and you should be able to feel the valve moving.. Which it never did.

I ended up taking out the E.G.R. and cleaning it out, and noticed that it held vacuum like it was designed to do...

On the 93 Sentra's they have a B.P.T that is connected to the EGR that brings in Atmospheric pressure I believe. I remember this valve rattling when I would rev up the engine doing the test. So i replaced it thinking it was the cause of the issue. But it did not correct the problem.

I know that there is a EGR canister control solenoid valve that is before the BPT that then relays to the EGR Valve.. Im thinking this is where the problem lies...

The Question

How to test the solenoid and has anyone else stumbled across this ?

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Every shop in town & Stealership wants to replace the whole motor. It seems like all the great mechanics that know how to properly diagnose engines have all vanished. Everyone now a days just knows how to replace parts!

No one at the shops or auto-parts store couldn't even tell me how to test an egr valve!! how sad !

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canister, egr, ga16de, issues, sentra, solenoid

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