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09-14-2006, 02:50 AM
I have a 06 350Z Roadster (Track) here in Sydney, Australia: The car has the factory fitted Bose CR16B stereo unit and I have two questions ;

1. Is there an auto radio mute function available for a hands free cell kit ?

2. Should the unit be able to play MP3 format music ? I was told by the dealer it would... but it doesn't seem to.

I have been to two dealers hear in Sydney and niether could give me a decent answer... both very vague indeed. One suggested the On/Off button for Q 1... but hey, who uses the stairs when there is an escalator ?

10-15-2006, 02:07 PM
 Confirm that the CD is inserted cor-
rectly ( the label side is facing up,
etc. ) .
 Confirm that the CD is not bent or
warped and it is free of scratches.
This is a malfunction due to excessive
temperature inside the player. Remove
the CD by pushing the EJECT button.
After a short time, reinsert the CD. The
CD can be played when the temperature
of the player returns to normal.
The file is unplayable in this audio sys-
tem ( only MP3 or WMA CD in the audio
system with a CD changer) .
Compact Disc ( CD) with MP3 or
WMA ( for the audio system with a
6CD changer)
Explanation of terms:
 MP3 —MP3 is short for Moving Pictures
Experts Group Audio Layer 3. MP3 is the
most well- known compressed digital audio
file format. This format allows for near “CD
quality ”sound, but at a fraction of the size of
audio track from CD- ROM can reduce the file
size by approximately 10: 1 ratio ( Sampling:
44.1 kHz, Bit rate: 128 kbps) with virtually no
perceptible loss in quality. MP3 compression
removes the redundant and irrelevant parts of
a sound signal that the human ear doesn ’t
 WMA —Windows Media Audio ( WMA) is a
compressed audio format created by Mi-
crosoft as an alternative to MP3. The WMA
codec offers greater file compression than
the MP3 codec, enabling storage of more
digital audio tracks in the same amount of
space when compared to MP3s at the same
level of quality.
 Bit rate —Bit rate denotes the number of bits
per second used by a digital music file. The
size and quality of a compressed digital audio
file is determined by the bit rate used when
encoding the file.
 Sampling frequency —Sampling frequency is
the rate at which the samples of a signal are
converted from analog to digital ( A/ D conver-
sion) per second.
 Multisession —Multisession is one of the
methods for writing data to media. Writing
data once to the media is called a single
a multisession.
 ID3/ WMA Tag —The ID3/ WMA tag is the
part of the encoded MP3 or WMA file that
contains information about the digital music
file such as song title, artist, album title,
encoding bit rate, track time duration, etc.
ID3 tag information is displayed on the
Album/ Artist/ Track title line on the display.
* Windows and Windows Media are either
registered trademarks and trademarks of Mi-
crosoft Corporation in the United States
and/ or other countries.
Display screen, heater, air conditioner and audio systems 4- 15

This is from the owner's manual. It looks like all models with the 6 disc changer are supposed to play mp3 and wma.