View Full Version : interior/tire noise

01-18-2008, 12:37 PM
I have 2005 Altima SER with 29000 mi. This car has been noisy inside since new but to be expected with low profile tires on large wheels. The car came with Bridgestone Pontenza 245X18's. At 7000+ miles I finally changed the tires trying to get rid of the 4 wheel drive tire whomp that developed about 5000 mi. I installed a set of Avons (same size) from Tire Rack. I have rotated these tires every 3000 mi to try and delay the inevitable and these tires have held up pretty well until now but during the last 2000 miles they have started the same noise. These tires nor their predecessors were close to being worn out. When the car was recalled for rear suspension mount I had that done and part of the recall was to check front and rear alignment. I think the car needs to have smaller wheels and more sidewall on the tires but with the SER brake system on the front you can't put 16" wheels they won't fit over the calipers and bigger tires won't fit in the wheel wells. Any one else have this problem and did you find a fix?