View Full Version : Kid eating rear hatch

03-29-2006, 08:58 PM
I have a 04 Armada and had the break issue like everyone else. Got them fixed now they work great. Yet after five attempts to have my automatic hatch repaired it still trys to eat my kids. What I mean when I say this is it does not sense that there is something in the way of closing shut and keeps coming down. Also when I hit the cancel button to disengage the motor it does not allow for free movement of the hatch. You have to be a body builder to open or close the door on manual mode.
Also my radio goes in and out of "stereo" and becomes dull sounding. Anyone else have this issue????

03-31-2006, 12:20 PM
Raido problem is probably your signal strength due to the antenna, the radio station itself, or the factory radio has problems.

As far as "eating kids". The sensor is bad and should be replaced.

Is this vehicle still under warranty? If not, good luck on getting the repairs done at a reasonable price. Replacement parts are not cheap.

Sorry I could not give a better answer. If you have further information or more questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks and welcome to the forum! :D

10-22-2007, 01:35 PM
Hello All.

Wandered over here from and thought I'd post my liftgate issues and see if anyone could at least advise where I might find these "liftgate sensors" (diagrams, pt numbers, etc?)

okay...looks like I officially have gremlins...

If the hatch is up and I try to close it with either the remote, back button, or front button it starts, but goes an inch and goes back up. If I use any of those three buttons again to close it, it always works on the 2nd try.

If when the hatch is on it's way down and you "cancel" it with any of the three buttons, it should reverse and head back up....but it doesn't - it's continues down, but FASTER. It's almost like the electronics are goofed and it's trying to go in the opposite direction.

If the hatch is closed and I try to open it, it makes a little noise, moves 1/2 inch, and then stops & shuts itself.

If the hatch is closed and I try to open it by hand, I have to very forcefully pull on it (did I mention "with a lot of force"?) to keep it from latching itself back down tight...sheesh....

This is all weird... The lifgate motor is running very strong after rebuilding the brushes, the struts are brank new and not "hanging" on anything, but the up/down stuff sure seems to be backwards to me...

I'd rather try replacing/diagnosing a bad sensor or two before dropping $400 on a new motor....

Whatcha think? Thanks in advance. :)