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12-18-2005, 02:23 PM
I am shopping for a new car. I've been looking at a Murano SL, a Toyota Highlander Limited and a Honda Pilot. The Pilot seems too large and fuel efficiency is 17/21. The Highlander is a nice ride and has nice features. I'm waiting to test drive the Nissan. How is the all wheeel drive (I've driven Subarus for the past 15 years)? How is it for commuting? Long trips? Any info would help.

02-17-2006, 10:06 PM
Recently my family bought a 2006 Murano. This car is absolutely phenomenal. Two years ago we bought the Murano as a 2004 model. A few things have improved, but overall the quality and build is still the same. We still own the 2004 model and now currently have both a 2006, as well as the 2004. The Commute for long drives in the 2006 Murano is great--especially with the added leather seating functionality. It is a joy to sit and drive this car as the CVT makes it simple to accelerate and really puts the fun back into driving. If you opt to add the BOSE sound system, you will not be disappointed. Although the sound can feel airy at times, the sound system really does this car justice. I can't stress how great of an interior this car has. I feel like I enter an area of quiet bliss when I sit in the driver’s seat of this excellent crossover SUV. A new option with the Murano SL is the backup camera, which is understatedly useful. There are SO many features in this SUV; I could go on for hours. I fell in love with this car when we bought our first in 2004, and I look forward to buying a third when the need arises. I hope this helped-- You can email with more specific questions if you'd like.

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