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09-16-2008, 10:34 AM
(the following was on a 2004 NISSAN QUEST, but based on the fact they have the same engine, I'm sure the procedure is nearly the same)

Yet another fine example of A JOB THEY DON'T WANT TO DO, so it's priced accordingly. From start to finish, INCLUDING THIS WEB PAGE, this took me less than 30 minutes.

I suggest the following:

LONG 14mm box wrench
3/8" ratchet with LONG swivel extension, or universal joint
14 mm REGULAR 6 pt socket head (a deep socket is too long for this job).

Jack up car. Support on jack stands. Remove any splash guards who's tabs have no already busted off on your Quest (crappy design).

Untighten with the long box wrench, the 14mm nut from the idler pulley.

Then, from the top, loosen the slackening bolt.

The pulley may be rusted in place a bit -- take a hammer from the bottom and give the bottom of the idler pulley some SQUARE taps...should loosen it up.

Now, if loose enough, remove the belt (if not, slacken more from the top). Remove the belt and replace.

A very nice GoodYear GATORBACK belt runs $12 or so from Checker or any other parts store. This is a 10 minute job, honestly -- for less experienced DIYs, it will take a bit of time, but it's a great job to start learning as it is VERY simple. My guess is Nissan is charging you $80 for 1 hour of labor (no 1/2 hours) and $50+ for the parts + $20 for a smile when you pick it up after leaving your car ALL DAY for them to get to it.

$150 for this job is a total, complete and utter joke. I guess it would be a wee-bit tougher if you are also doing the PS belt, but I checked my PS belt and it is like new with no dryness or cracking, whilst my serpentine (AC/Alternator) was horrible and has been for some time.

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