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Old 06-09-2021, 07:49 AM
TLMFL TLMFL is offline
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1998 Altima SE-R
2000 Frontier King Cab
1998 Nissan Altima
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Default 1998 Nissan Altima needs help

-Hello Everyone,

I have a 1998 Nissan Altima 2.4L SOHC that stalls out after 2 or 3 minutes from starting.

I checked/tested all the fuses under the hood and under the dash on the driver side.
A friend flushed the engine for me, refilled and burped it.
I replaced the Thermostat, after the engine flush before It was refilled.
I replaced all the holes and clamps, all are tight.
I replaced the Distributor cap, rotor, and wires.
Plugs were replaced 2 months ago by my son but I cleaned and re-spaced them.
I replaced the fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pump and filter in the tank. The fuel filter canister on the
fire wall and checked the pressure in all these places. All are good.
I cleaned the throttle body 3 or 4 times now.
I replaced the EGR, EGR-C/BPT valves and still no start.
I keep going back and checking relays and fuses to make sure I didn’t blow something.

I replaced the plugs again cause plug one looked a little burnt.

I’m Still at a loss at a loss, the car will start and run for about 10 minutes then dies.

Now my husband is talking about buying a new car and junking the Ultima. It will cost more for a new car then
it would be to fix this one, between paying his parents bills on top of ours we just don’t have the money anymore.
If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

I don’t have a jack low enough to raise the car, to get under it right now but it dawned on me that even though the
car shows little over tank of gas that it might need more now. (nose of car is pointed down)
My son has gone to get gas for me ( he’s not happy that he had to leave the house) ha ha ha
I started with tank of gas when it first stopped running. If I get it started I will get it moved to a level area.
Well it started fine, I could back up just fine so I put it in drive, went 100 feet and stalled, started it right up again and
went 12 feet and it stalled, started it up a 3rd time with little delay each time but this time I revved it up a few times
Then it went about 100 feet before it stalled out again, put the code reader on it but had no codes.
So what now????

Last edited by TLMFL; 06-09-2021 at 12:44 PM. Reason: just adding more info.
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Old 06-10-2021, 10:01 PM
smj999smj's Avatar
smj999smj smj999smj is offline
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If you get it running for a little bit, spray some carb cleaner around where the intake manifold meets the cylinder head to see if the engine PRM "flares up" while spraying it. If it does, the intake manifold gasket may have failed, causing the engine to stall as it leans out. When you first start the engine, the cold start assist (in this case, the IACV-AAC valve) will cause the engine to run a little rich until the engine warms up. As it does warm up, it will lean out, allowing the idle to lower to normal range. If the gasket has failed, it will lean it out further, causing it to idle rough or potentially stall out.
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Old 07-29-2021, 12:47 PM
TLMFL TLMFL is offline
Registered User
1998 Altima SE-R
2000 Frontier King Cab
1998 Nissan Altima
Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Tampa, Fl.
Posts: 7
Default 1998 Nissan Altima needs help

Hi smj999smj
Before we got the car moved onto a concrete slab it died again. We pushed it the rest of the way onto the slab. I had to take some time off working on it deal with yet another death. My husband is ready to just get rid of the car and my 98 expedition(smoking) and our 98 explorer(cracked windshield long story)
and get a leaf . So I'm waiting to hear from a friend if he has time to a look at it with my husband finding out (yes I know I'm going behind his back and I will get yelled at for it) but I need transportation too. I will try to check back and state what the problem was if my friend can get it working before all hell breaks loose and he takes my computer away from me.

Thanks for you assist
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altima, nissan

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