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Old 02-24-2020, 04:27 PM
DCJeffers DCJeffers is offline
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2002 Altima Sedan
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Default Stalls if shifted into drive cold

When I start my 2002 2.5l altima sedan, it idles around 1200rpm. Over the course of the next 5 minutes it SLOWLY like super slowly, idles down to below 900rpm. At this point and ONLY at this point I can shift out of park and drive perfectly fine with no issues. If I try to get in my car and just start and go, one of two things will happen. I will put it into drive and it will stall OR I will put it into drive, give it gas, and SLAM into drive and peel tires out of my driveway. I've opted to wait for the rpms to drop and drive it comfortably with Hopes of not ruining anything else by frequently stalling or peeling out day by day. The thing is, one day my battery was dead and I used a jump box to start it. Took the jump box off and went to put it in gear. Ofcourse it stalled. I put the jump box in my passenger seat and ran cables to the battery under my hood and was able to start the car and put it in reverse no problem! My question is, is my car taking longer to drop back to normal idle rpms because of some lack of power throughout the system? Can this be cured with a new battery? I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that low CCA would start my car but not let it shift into gear correctly. Is there a certain censor that could be effected? If any more info is needed please ask. I'll monitor my email for any notifications. The battery is two years old but spent some time dead. The alternator is brand new. Before I replaced the alternator, the car would intermittently stall when put into drive no matter what. At this point I'm lost, so any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
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Old 03-31-2020, 03:00 PM
jcg0324 jcg0324 is offline
2011 Altima Sedan
2011 Altima 2.5s
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A malfunctioning or misadjusted park / neutral switch can cause a rough idle or stalling. The computer will not command the proper air-fuel mixture if the gear selection is in drive or reverse when the computer thinks that the gear selector is still in park or neutral. The idle speed is affected by the park/neutral switch and the engine may idle rough or even stall.
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