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2002 Altima V6 cyclinder 2 misfire p0302, p0152 Forums > > 2002 Altima V6 cyclinder 2 misfire p0302, p0152 2002 Altima V6 cyclinder 2 misfire p0302, p0152
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Old 05-09-2012, 11:11 AM
ramos88 ramos88 is offline
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2002 Altima
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Default 2002 Altima V6 cyclinder 2 misfire p0302, p0152

Hello to all,

I have a 2002 altima v6 which is having power issues. The car runs normal up until it gets to operating temperature. once i reach operating temperature the car loses power from mid to high rpm. also sometimes when i come to a stop the bank 2 cat starts smoking as if it had oil spilled on it (it doesn't, i even degreased it to make sure). i think it only starts smoking after the engine has been reved high. maybe precat is overheating from the misfire? the car does not idle rough and it does not sound like it has a misfire. it sounds throaty mid-high rpm though. i warmed it up and waited 15 min to take plug out of cylinder 2 and looked inside and it looked normal no water or oil. also compression is at 160ish.

i swapped coils with cylinder 2 and 6 and the code still came up on cylinder 2.

the check engine light is not on but i still plugged in my code reader and found that it has a p0302 code for cylinder 2 misfire detected and p0152 for the bank 2 precat oxygen sensor. these codes do not stay in the system all the time which i'm guessing is why the check engine light does not come on. i have checked it several different times and sometimes none of the codes are there. the two codes have not been on at the same time it has been one or the other. also, the car is using more fuel than normal which i know could be a bad oxygen sensor symptom.

thanks in advance for any help

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Old 05-10-2012, 01:06 AM
streamcast streamcast is offline
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Poss plugged convertor. I know on the 3.5L the catalyst fall down in the convertor and restricting exhaust flow causing the throaty sound, and will give you O2 sensor codes as well. If the convertor is turning red with heat than you may have a restriction also fuel system running lean
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Old 08-24-2013, 11:36 AM
cheesewhizz cheesewhizz is offline
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I have a 2005 Altima 3.5SE with 187k miles... Received a P0302 (misfire #2 Cylinder). I know a lot of people say to replace the plugs, coils etc... I would recommend looking for an air leak first! This is what my issue was and it was a $30 part fix from the dealership and now my car runs even faster like it was new again!

After you remove the black plastic 3.5 engine cover, you will see the shiny front fuel rail that supplies the three front cyliners. The fuel flows in that rail from the drivers side to the passenger side of the vehicle, you will notice that the #2 cylinder is on the far left (passenger side front) in which gets the fuel last on that rail.

On that fuel rail inbetween the three front cyliners you will see a round type part with two screws etc... That part is called a "Fuel Injector Pressure Dampner" and it is suppose to smooth out the turbulence in the fuel rail. This is where I had an air leak and hence the misfire on my #2 cylinder in which fuel is supplied after that dampner.

As I originally took off the plastic 3.5 engine cover, I could see where a little fuel had been leaking on and around the dampner and it was full of wet dirt from the leak. it's a simple DIY fix. Keep in mind that there are two of these dampners, the other one is on the drivers side where the rail splits and it dampens the rear rail (but remember we are only interested in cylinder #2). Each dampner has a different part number. No need to change them unless you see a leak, black wet dirt will be on and around them.

Good Luck!
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2002, altima, cyclinder, misfire, p0152, p0302

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