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2005 Altima 2.5S Service Engine Light/Coil Packs/Ethanol Service Engine Lights Forums > > 2005 Altima 2.5S Service Engine Light/Coil Packs/Ethanol Service Engine Lights 2005 Altima 2.5S Service Engine Light/Coil Packs/Ethanol Service Engine Lights
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Old 10-15-2011, 05:20 AM
Bob Anthony
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Default 2005 Altima 2.5S Service Engine Light/Coil Packs/Ethanol Service Engine Lights

I have had a problem with the SE light coming on and going off, usually for ~ a week at a time. The Dealer was lost. They thought it was the non-Nissan spark plugs. It was not. I changed out 2 of the ignition coil packs packs, per the engine codes cylinder designations and it appears to solve the problem. I was recommended by several service stations to use Nissan coils, as opposed to less expensive, after-market replacements. Has anybody else had good/bad experiences with non-Nissan after-market coil packs? I was just curious. My car seems to be running good now for about a year. I maintain it very well , otherwise. I only replaced the coil packs that were defective. One had green powder build up and I replaced that one and the one that the scan said was miss-firing. Overall I am pleased with the car , but I have gotten lots of Service Engine lights with this problem and when I have to run Ethanol gas.
Does anybody else have Service Engine lights, when they run Ethanol gas?
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Old 10-15-2011, 12:51 PM
bennyb53's Avatar
bennyb53 bennyb53 is offline
2002 Altima
2002 Altima
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My understanding of Ethanol is that it does not burn well. In fact it is not recommended on small engine cuz it ruins them. You're saying the SE light come on when you're running on E gas. I guess the solution is not to use it.

My 02 Altima still has 3 OEM ignition coil. The aftermarket replacement I use is still going well after install 8 months ago. I do research well when I'm buying parts.

Example: About 3 weeks ago I was shopping online for post-cat O2 sensor. I decided on NGK/NTK brand. I found out its the OEM O2 sensors when I removed the old one. I went ahead replaced my pre-cat O2 sensor without waiting for the MIL. My altima has 96k miles and the sensors are supposedly good for 100k miles, in a perfect world. As you know we live in a perfect world, lol.
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Old 10-16-2011, 06:45 AM
Bob Anthony
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Default Benny - Ethanol 2.5L

I try to not use Ethanol gas, as the manual recommends, but that is all that is available in Florida and Illinois.
Thanks for the tip on the O2 sensors.
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2.5s, 2005, 25s, altima, engine, ethanol, light or coil, lights, packs or ethanol, service, service engine light

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