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Perhaps you can help me. I am just ready to do this 4 pin to 7 pin conversion on my 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. I purchased the missing relay as suggested as well. The only thing that seems different from all the pics and descriptions is the factory harness I just received has an extra 2 pin harness attached to it. Not sure where it would go or if it is even needed. If I can figure out how to post a pic in here, I will. Thanks in advance.
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This posting was extremely helpful. Thank you dsm0274 for the description and pictures. I just finished a round 7-way towing harness installation on a 2008 Pathfinder, and this posting helped make it an easy project. The only extra step I had to take was to install a towing relay to activate the full functionality of the 7-way plug, specifically the charge wire.

There are two towing relays under the hood near the battery. The first one was already installed (presumably to activate the running lights and signal for the existing 4-pin towing harness). The second one was not installed, so I had to order that (Part number: 25230-7996A, $38) and install it to get the charge wire to work.

Here are a couple pics.

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