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Default Walmart Supertech Synthetic Oil Analized

I thought this might be of interest to some. I recently had Blackstone Labs analyze my engine oil. My 2006 Pathfinder has been running Walmart's Supertech Full-synthetic 5W30 engine oil since I purchased it 4+ years and 65,000+ miles ago. First of all, I do not work for Walmart nor would I even suggest that their Supertech Synthetic Oil is the best on the market! I usually use a genuine Nissan oil filter or, when in a pinch, a Purolator Pure One filter. I once heard it was made for Walmart by Royal-Shell, the makers of Rotella, but I know Walmart changes the suppliers of their house brand products, so I can't be sure who makes it now. At roughly $17.50 for a 5-quart jug, it's a great deal for full-synthetic oil!
For this test, my Pathfinder had 7500 miles on the oil and there is 150,000 miles on the vehicle. A Nissan oil filter was used at the last oil change. The results were impressive! Blackstone Labs recommended replacing the oil at 9500 miles based on the results. Here is the report: