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Default 2001 Maxima Sunroof Motor Initialization

A few days ago I had all 4 brakes of my 2001 Maxima replaced at a local independent garage, where I've had my vehicles worked on for many years with reliable results at competitive pricing. Yesterday I tried opening the sunroof using the power button that normally allows the roof to slide all the way open. Instead, the roof opened a few inches and stopped. No matter how long I held the switch in the open position, it continued to move only a few inches at a time. The tilt switch was also exhibiting odd behavior. Why the change in the sunroof operation is a mystery. Something to do with disconnecting the battery while the work was being done?

An Internet search brought up the fix. It is in a thread from (How to Fix/reset Sunroof motor - Maxima Forums).

The procedure is simple and takes less than a minute. (NOTE: this is for model years 2000 - 2001; later years use a different procedure)

-Make sure the sunroof is closed.
-Vehicle not running.
-Locate the black/gray relay under the drivers dash, above the dead-man foot rest (see thumbnail).
-Remove the relay by depressing the small white tab.
-Start the vehicle, then turn it off.
-Replace the relay.
-Start the vehicle and check the sunroof operation.

The sunroof should be reset allowing for correct operation.

Credit for this fix goes to "Deckdout2" posted 3/15/2005 in the above link.

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