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Default 02 Pathfinder Possible ECM

Hi Folks,

A little background here...

Saturday - Kids called from two hours away and told me that the 02 Pathfinder with a 3.5 motor had died and would not start back. After some basic, remote, troubleshooting, I called and had it towed to a dealer. On Monday morning, the dealer called and told me that the key had to be reprogrammed, however, that did not resolve the issue and they would keep trying to find the issue.

A few hours later, they called and told me the IAC Valve was shorted and needed to be replaced. Since I was two hours away, I had to do something to get the car running again, so I authorized the repair. The part would be in on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, I got a call and was told the car was now running, however, they were unable to get the car to take the idle relearn from their computer and they "thought" it might be because the IAC had shorted the ECM on the driver control. They quoted another $1200 for the ECM and another 1.5 hours labor. I asked them if they had tested the TPS and it was checking out good. I also asked if it was throwing the infamous P0505 code and they said there were no codes, however, they could still communicate with the ECM.

To shorten this up now... I drove up and picked up the car and drove it home with the idle going up and down, especially at stop signs/red lights. I called my local dealer and they said they would reprogram and install a used one if I brought it to them for a one hour charge.

Before I hit the salvage yard and get an ECM, would anyone have suggestions of anything else to check or try before shelling out more money? As well, if it is the ECM, is there a way to manually reset the used ECM to work with my current keys and avoid having to take to the dealer to reprogram? Who knows, maybe the used one will come with keys and a security module to replace as well and then no dealer needed.

Thanks for any advice or input here.
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