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Thanks, mpe235 and smj999smj. That's exactly the type of info I needed.
I suspected a salvage CVT trans might need to be "initialized". On the equipment I am familiar with I would have called it "calibrated" - Yale or "learned" - Raymond. I might have to get a dealer to perform this so I need to know what to ask for.
@ G47, the local Nissan Dealer will not perform warranty work on my Cube because it has a "branded" title. My paper copy of title is not "branded" but according to Nissan Consumer Affairs (I took your advise in a previous post you answered) my Cube is "branded" due to "mileage discrepancy" and Nissan will not do warranty work on my Cube unless I can get Ky. DMV to remove the "brand" from their records. I may try and pursue amending the title but I honestly don't think it can be done.
In the mean time, a friend that works at a local auto salvage has a low mileage 2010 Cube that had a good CVT in it for $800. I plan to get this CVT and swap it into my Cube ASAP. I might even take a peek inside my old CVT to see what's worn! I suspect the belt and or sheaves?
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