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Thanks for a reply.
My Cube does not have a "salvage or repaired/rebuilt title". I knew when I bought my Cube used, that it had been involved in a "fender bender" type accident. It appeared to have some of the front plastic replaced and repaired. It appears to have a new radiator, kind of like a typical front end light crash. Prehaps the previous owner "rear ended" someone? Before I bought my Cube, I did a carfax, I put the Cube on a lift and inspected the front inner fender structure and firewall area, myself, for wrinkles, bends, welds, cracks, or anyother type of repair - there was no indication of any damage, except for some plastic fastners/rivets missing. I did find that the downstream oxy. sensor was missing (that was my first post). My Cube actually runs and drives very good except for the "slippage".
I realized when I posted this that I was kind of "Flaming" my local dealer, and I havent mentioned their name. I didnt take this lightly because I am in the mobile/heavy equipment repair service myself. I did not realize that the dealer could void warranty if they discovered crash damage.
I wonder how I could find out if Nissan voided the CVT warranty?
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