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Default Power Supply

To add a power socket to the rear you could take a wire off the live wire on the back of the existing power socket. As long as the extension wire is not excessively long and the cable is no smaller in section than the wire feeding the front power socket it should be ok. However it should be noted that the total load applied to either or both sockets should not exceed 12V 120W (10A) as specified in the vehicle hand book.
For heavy loads a new separate fused circuit should be taken directly off the battery or a suitable live terminal.
Care should always be taken with wiring to ensure live connections are fully insulated to prevent short circuits and wiring must be carefully routed to prevent damage to insulation.
Additional circuits to say a roof fan should be fused and a relay used if required.
(Disclaimer - To the extent permitted by law, I accept no responsibility (including loss, damage or injury) in respect of the above)
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