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Thanks for the response bennyb53...The car turns over but seems to be starved for fuel... I was able to get it started but restarting was a hit or miss throughout the day... I will check out the connections as you suggested... One thing I did notice is with the car in park and idling if I put the windows up or down and keep the window button pressed down I notice the RPMs drop down and if I don't let up on the window button the car stalls. I had taken the car to auto zone because the SES light came on... The fellow at auto zone told me it was because of a cylinder #1 misfire that is why I replaced the spark plugs and switched the coil wires (spark plug wires). I had the fellow at auto zone check the alternators output... He told me the alternator was charging at 13 volts at a idle... Swapping the coil wires and putting in the new spark plugs did not solve the starting issue.How do I troubleshoot the fuel injector for the #1 cylinder...??? Can I swap the fuel injector like I did with the coil wire...??? Thank you for you guidance.
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