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Now that the ABS light on the dash is on, we got it scanned at Nissan since the smaller shops say they can't scan the ABS codes. Autozone was able to scan it when we brought it in for a check engine light. Which wound up being due to the battery being continually disconnected. Autozone said now that the light is on the driver rear ABS sensor reads as faulty, either due to a bad sensor or the buildup of rust because of poor hub drainage. The Nissan dealership took 3 hours to scan the ABS code to make sure the pump wasn't bad. They said it was fine and the problem was in the hub and sensor on the driver rear.

So it looks like my friend will be making another trip to the parts store for the hub and sensor. If we don't use them they'll be returned, but if I know anything from working on ancient VWs you should have the spares on hand when you take something apart so you don't have to do it half a dozen times. I'll pull the hub and clean the aluminum first etc etc etc while inspecting the old parts to see if they need replaced.
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