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Still can't find a speedo cable nor the other items listed...cable is the most important thing.

Originally Posted by nx2kca View Post
Here's my shopping list for my 92 NX 2000 in order of need...

Must haves
  • Daytime Running Light module (Need ASAP - no low beams!) Can't source new.- got one November
  • Speedo/odo doesn't work, so probably a cable...Using GPS is inconvenient! My regular mechanic couldn't source it.
  • Driver's side sunvisor - Can't source new and the junkyards have ones worse than mine.

These I can live without, but need...
  • Driver's side seat...left side bolster looks like it's been attacked by

  • left and right fog lights
  • front airdam (mine can probably be repaired cheaper than replacing th airdam & fogs - just need to find a bodyman I can pay in )

I have a Vail white exterior with a blue interior. Supposedly Blue is rare when I bought the thing new and nearly non-existent now! .

Thanks in advance
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