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I had this problem today. Same issues, hard to start, bangs into reverse, and no accelleration. The code was p0340. Cam position sensor. i have a 2007 quest. Unfortunately for me i was unaware that there were 2 sensors. one for bank 1 and one for bank 2. Not sure exactly what "bank" means but im guessing because there are 2 cams then 2 sensors. Anyway replaced the sensor that was more toward the front of the vehicle (cost $60). I think that was bank 2. That didn't work so after some research online people were saying the VIAS solenoid. $200 later still the same problem. Talked with the guy at dealer, he said the code for bank 2 is p0345 and bank 1 is p0340. That sensor was $85. put that in and now she runs perfect. Note if you have big hands get someone with smaller hands to help you because the rear sensor is almost impossible to get to with the fuel lines in the way. my knuckles are torn up. hope this helps.
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